2020-11-16 ~ 2 min read

Ah shit, here we go again...

Ah shit, here we go again... Yea this ain’t my first rodeo with this situation, staring at blinking cursor on the empty page starting yet another developer blog. Because all developers have to share their knowledge, right? No idea but I've tried. This is probably my third or fourth blog put online, and I really hope that this one will have more than 3 posts 😉.

Why previous ones failed? Truth to be told it was a lack of motivation, but we should go more in-depth with that. It's not about intention to write something or topics to cover. Nah I think it's something more. Now I believe that I never had a proper answer for a question "why I want to blog?". Some say that having a blog is better for your job hunting, or that developers "should" give others something back to the community for everything they've got every day.

Now I'm not doing that because I should, or because I want some fame. I'm doing it only for myself. This blog will be just for me. If it helps anybody that's really fantastic and I would be thrilled if anybody just said thanks because I've helped in any way. If not, I won't count it as a failure because it just not a point.

Who the hell I am? I'm a software engineer for almost 7 years. Had an excellent opportunity to work as Backend, Frontend, Fullstack, Team leader, Tech leader. Besides that, I've been partially scrum master, product owner, DevOps, technical recruiter... There's a lot of that 😉.

Best of this is I had a pleasure to do this all in one incredible company. This company gave me a chance to start from nothing with little to zero experience, no education background but with enormous passion and determination to learn. So yes this hello world couldn't be complete without much thanks to STX Next for literally changing my life. I would not be here without their faith in me.

So that would be all for hello world post. Thanks for reading and stay tuned! I have some plans to write about Python, Rust, JavaScript, Software Architecture, Testing and a lot more.

Patryk Szymanski

Hi, I'm Patryk. I'm a technical team leader, software architecture enthusiast from Wroclaw, Poland.